Ethel - 20th Century Living is a vintage furniture, lighting and accessories store in downtown Toronto. We have recently closed our Bricks and Mortar location and are taking some time off to find a new home for the shop.
We’re a proud Canadian indie boutique, and along with classic American & Scandinavian design, you’ll also find Canadian Mid-century pieces here. Sure, we all love Eames, Nelson & Knoll, but have you heard of Russell Spanner, Lotte Lamps or Clairtone? 

Vintage is nearly always one of a kind so our merchandise is constantly changing. You might find a complete Brady Bunch kitchen in here, or maybe a film noir detective movie set, complete with tanker desks & typewriters. Ethel has a little bit everything, from gondola sofas and teak dining sets to oddball pieces like 80s Russian propaganda posters and vintage tiki mugs.

Along with 20th century furniture, lighting and accessories, we also carry present-day, Canadian-designed and manufactured cards & paper by Whigby & Smitten Kitten, MCM birdhouses and iPod amplifiers by Pocket Woodwork, and Tiki pillows and retro pouches by Stitchy Kitchy Coo.