Who Is Ethel?

When people walk into the store, odds are they’re going to say one of two things. “Oh, my grandmother had this!” or “Are you Ethel?”  My name is Shauntelle, not Ethel, but we all know one. She’s that fun loving aunt that everyone has. Or maybe she’s your neighbour, or your best friend’s mother. You know, the one who wears pearls no matter what, who has an amazing collection of hats, who loves to collect vintage cocktail glasses (and use them!), who wears bright pink lipstick with everything and who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

I may not wear pearls or pink lipstick every day, but as the owner of Ethel - 20th Century Living, I live by the motto “Life is Too Short for Beige” which is proudly emblazoned on the store’s front window. I’m an interior designer by training, but my passion is vintage furniture—I like to rescue it and find it a good home—so in the spring of 2009 I quit designing banks and chain restaurants and dove headfirst into retailing. With my husband, we bought Ethel from the original owners and set out to make your favourite vintage furniture store. Why?  “Because Life is Too Short for Beige!”